Joey Boonen

Joey Boonen

J o e y  B o o n e n  |  I already knew at a young age that I wanted to do this, my goal is to make a contribution in the progress.

I love when someone entrance insecure and after a short while that the insecure person transforms in a person with a glow over their face.

Life is made up of choices.
You make a choice and that needs action.
I knew at a young age that I wanted to have my own personal trainer studio and I eventually did.

Sometimes people come who find it difficult to walk into a large studio or have never been to a gym and contribute to their self-confidence, which makes me happy …That’s what I do it for!

I am also an ambassador and partner for BASE247, I really enjoy working with it.

I give my customers always a tasty Shake from BASE247 after the workout, which is also make the difference with that extra personal approach The customer is central and we want to help together with the best products of BASE247 with a personal meal schedule so that they can achieve their goals really fast.

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